A Conversation with Cometan


A Conversation with Cometan is a video series that Cometan began during the COVID-19 pandemic to connect with like-minded individuals in the fields of space religion, space exploration, philosophy, religious studies, and freedom of religion or belief. The subsequent seasons of A Conversation of Cometan are created in order for audiences to glance into the dialogues Cometan has with his fellow human rights colleagues, philosophers, scholars and academics, and space exploration enthusiasts. The recordings of A Conversation with Cometan represent just a small portion of Cometan's overall dialogue on these topics so dear to Cometan's heart, identity and vocation.

Season 2


The second season of A Conversation of Cometan greatly built upon the first in all ways; in terms of the amount of episodes produced, the scale of lectures delivered by Cometan, and the range of guests Cometan had the pleasure of conversing with.

Season 2 saw Cometan converse with many guests including Professor Michael York, Philip van Nedervelde, Steven Wolfe, Giulio Prisco, Adriano Autino, Alberto Cavallo and others. 

Cometan also gives audiences many more lectures for Season 2 including his completion of Original Astronist Lecture Series with the mammoth six part final lecture called Total Immersion into Astronism taking up six episodes of this second season. Cometan also gives us a couple of more informal singular format sit down episodes this season which gave audiences the opportunity to see Cometan in real-time contemplation.

Season 2 A Conversation with Cometan Poster.png

Official Poster for Season 2 of A Conversation with Cometan

Season 1


The first season of A Conversation of Cometan comprised just eight episodes premiering from October 2020 to February 2021. Guests during Season 1 included David Warner Mathisen, Dr. Jeffrey Kotyk, Giulio Prisco, Howard Bloom, and Giulia Carla Bassani (a.k.a. Astro Giulia).

Season 1 gave Cometan the chance to experiment with how to design his videos and with the way he interviewed his guests. It also allowed him to explore some really interesting topics such as "Is Astrology a Religion?", "The Salvation of Humanity among the Stars", and "the future of human spaceflight."

Cometan also conducted two lectures as part of Season 1, first was The Space Religion Lecture given in December 2020 to a cohort of religious education students at Edge Hill University and second was The Eschatology & Soteriology of Astronism which Cometan gave in January 2021 to a cohort of bachelor's degree students in religious studies at the Cambridge Muslim College. 

A Conversation with Cometan Poster.png

Official Poster for Season 1 of A Conversation with Cometan